In-store Excellence

How do you inspire the shopper to fill their shopping basket?


Category Management

Both supplier and retailer should optimize six aspects of their business across all sales channels: product range, people, communication, place, promotion and price. To do so, they need advanced knowledge of the retail landscape and data insights.


How we help:

  • Devise a category management strategy
  • Define a category development approach
  • Create a space management strategy
  • Manage business intelligence activities: Nielsen, GfK, Daltix, …

Trade marketing

The battle for the customer is fought in your point of sales: this is where consumers decide whether or not to make a purchase. That’s why maximum in-store visibility is an vital part of category management.

How we help:

  • Draft a shopper marketing strategy
  • Set up & execute the approach
  • Enhance the customer journey
  • Create & implement a brand activation plan
  • Ensure excellent execution