SME Advice & Accompaniment

BrainTower specializes in SME consultancy: from A to Z and from THINK to DO!



Think before you act, that’s our philosophy. We carefully create your vision and make sure it’s transparent and understandable. Because a strong foundation is the first step towards success and growth!


How we help:

  • Draft commercial and distribution strategies
  • Define systems, from CRM to reporting tools
  • Outline company and organizational structures
  • Create purpose and approach for an advisory board
  • Estimate a company’s commercial value


Step two is all about optimizing and implementing strategies and approaches. Because thinking is silver, but acting is golden. We help you to put your ideas into action in a way that will benefit your organization and your customers.


How we help:

  • Prepare a global management & sales approach
  • Decide on go-to-market
  • Prepare, guide and execute negotiations
  • Draft the sales & operations process from order to cash
  • Adapt organizational structures and guide transition
  • Prepare a company for the next generation