Change & Organization Management

In these turbulent times, you need the right skills to keep your commercial organization running smoothly.

BrainTower will support you in your audits, change trajectories and company training for sales & marketing.


Organization audit

How efficient and effective are your company’s commercial processes? Which core competencies does your company have, and which ones does it need to succeed?

BrainTower assesses which skills you need, and which activities to outsource.


How we help:

  • Conduct as is analyses of your commercial organization and its processes
  • Execute a gap analysis of current skills versus future needs
  • Define key success factors
  • Select a strategic partner


Organization structure

Gathering people and activities into an inspiring and successful sales & marketing unit is a major challenge, especially in times of change.

So how exactly do you involve and stimulate your team to support a change process? BrainTower can help.


How we help:

  • Devise assessment of human capital
  • Craft and execute a transformation roadmap
  • Assess strength of management

Training & coaching

Coaching is cocreation. It’s about combining strengths to find solutions and achieve strong results, with the coach as a sherpa and a facilitator of improvement.


How we help:

  • Offer personal coaching for sales & marketing
  • Offer creativity coaching
  • Align mission & vision

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