Oktober 2016 - Persbericht

Al enkele jaren op rij groeit BrainTower verder uit tot dé referentie in sales & marketing consulting, interim en project management. En de ambities houden niet op. Vanuit onze sterkte in de FMCG markt werden stappen gezet om ook in andere sectoren de bestaande en nieuwe diensten aan te bieden, zowel nationaal als internationaal. Om de groeiplannen te kunnen realiseren werden Caroline Vervaeke en Gerrit De Backer aangetrokken.

Caroline heeft een jarenlange ervaring bij communicatiebureaus en in consultancy. Ze bouwde een uitgebreide expertise op in verschillende sectoren maar vooral in retail, media en healthcare. Caroline legt zich voornamelijk toe op strategische marketing, omnichannel communicatie, online communicatie, brand management en het organiseren en coachen van marketing en communicatie teams.


Gerrit De Backer heeft meer dan 20 jaar ervaring in sales en trade marketing en dit voor zowel merkartikelen als private label in FMCG (Imperial Meat Products), DIY (Eltra) en in telecom (Mobistar). Gerrit zal zijn passie voor klanten en producten vooral ten dienste stellen van KMO’s die de ambitie hebben om zich verder te professionaliseren en te groeien. Zij kunnen hiervoor terugvallen op de aanwezige expertise bij BrainTower met steun van de KMO-portefeuille. Verder zal Gerrit ook helpen bij het bedienen van klanten in DIY.


Octobre 2016 - Communiqué de presse

Depuis quelques années, BrainTower se positionne de plus en plus comme “la référence” dans les secteurs de sales & marketing consulting, intérim et projet management. Et les ambitions ne s’arrêtent pas là. Grâce à sa force dans le marché FMCG, BrainTower en a profité pour approcher d’autres secteurs et de proposer de nouveaux services aussi bien au niveau national qu’international. C’est pour la réalisation ces nouveaux projets que Caroline Vervaeke et Gerrit De Backer sont venus rejoindre notre équipe.

Caroline a une belle expérience dans des bureaux de communications et de consultance. Elle a acquis sa grande expertise dans différents secteurs, mais surtout dans le retail, la média et le pharma. Caroline se spécialise surtout au niveau de la stratégie du marketing, de la communication omni-channel, du brand management et l’organisation et le coaching des équipes de marketing et de communication.


Gerrit a acquis depuis une carrière de plus  de 20 ans une grande expérience dans le “sales et trade” marketing des articles de marques, et ceci aussi bien au niveau du private label que  le FMCG (Imperial Meat Products), le DIY (Eltra), et dans le télécom (Mobistar). Pour transmettre sa passion pour les clients et leurs produits, Gerrit s’adressera surtout aux PME qui désirent grandir et accroître leur professionalisme. Les clients peuvent compter sur l’expertise de BrainTower en profitant des subsides du KMO Portefeuille. Gerrit pourra également vous soutenir dans le service aux clients DIY.


December 2015

We are proud to share with you our most recent news: This month, Trends/Tendances published an interview on interim management and outsourcing with our practice leaders Gerald Naelaerts (In-store Excellence) and Jan De Lancker (Business Development) in their ‘HR special’.
For those of you who are not familiar with Belgian print media, Trends/Tendances is a weekly specialist magazine dedicated to economic and financial news.

In the interview, Jan and Gerald share their experiences with interim management, and answer such questions as ‘which profiles are most commonly requested?’, ‘how will interim management change in the future?’ and ‘what exactly is outsourcing?’

If you too are curious to see what they have to say, and if you want to discover why you may need marketing and sales experts tailored to your needs, please read the interview below (please note that it is currently only available in Dutch).

Interview Trends


Download (NL) Download (FR)
November 2015

On the 30th of November, BrainTower’s very own Thierry Moubax was once again a keynote speaker at a VOKA event!

Brewery De Brabandere’s (Bavikshove, Western Flanders) premises served as the charming setting for an inspiring delivery about the impact of online, what businesses can (and must!) do to stay ahead of their competitors, and about how to use a multichannel approach to sell the right product(s) to the right target at the right time.

Based on the responses we got during the subsequent networking event, we feel that the evening’s attendants were encouraged to set out on a path towards a brighter online future!

Thierry Moubax@VOKA
September 2015

As of September 2015, the BrainTower team has expanded to include two splendid new colleagues!

In this respect, we would like to introduce you to Sara De Cuyper and Jan Junior De Brabant:

Sara reinforces the team as our Asssociate ‘Business Development’. After a long and fruitful career at P&G, where she was active in different commercial roles (e.g. Commercial Director Retail), Sara decided that it was time to further pursue her drive to help organizations excel in a more independent manner at BrainTower. In addition to her great commercial expertise, she is also an ‘expert’ mother of two. If you would like to know more about what drives Sara, feel free to read her biography here .

Our second addition to the team is junior consultant Jan Junior (we swear we did not make that up!). He will initially support our more experienced experts on a variety of projects, and will unbdoubtedly inject some fresh insights to further drive results.

As we continue to grow, we are certain to expect more valuable and valued team member in the coming months and years, so we’ll keep you posted!

February 2015

“Wat je krijgt bij een externe kracht is nieuwe energie in het bedrijf en een frisse kijk op de zaken.”

These are the inspiring words of Jan in a recent interview with him and Gerald Naelaerts (practice leader In-store Excellence) in Gondola magazine, Belgium’s foremost source of information on innovations and trends in FMCG and retail.

Read the article by downloading the pdf below, and see for yourself why interim management and outsourcing are a valuable option for any company, whether corporate or SME. Or, discover why category managers are so ‘hot’ on the market!

Gondola – BrainTower, het commerciele verlengstuk van uw bedrijf

December 2014

On the 2nd of December 2014, practice leader Thierry Moubax was invited to share his expertise on online strategy with the ladies and gentlemen of Voka, the Flemish Network of Enterprises, at the Network’s charming premises in Antwerp.

Under the guidance of Jill Suetens, International Manager of Voka Antwerp-Waasland, Thierry introduced his vision on the online world and its bearing on interntational business. To everybody’s delight, Thierry presented this vision with great passion and expertise, weaving practical stories through his greater narrative of global development and change to illustrate the real-life impact of ‘online’.

If you too are interested in knowing more about the online (r)evolution and how you can use it to improve your business, you can find the Kindle edition of Thierry’s book The Online Marketing Blueprint here.

Thierry Voka 2
November 2014

In November 2014, practice leaders Jan (Business Development) and Thierry (Online Strategy) made a business trip to the Middle East for a catch-up with managing partner Salim.

While enjoying their share of sunshine, Thierry and Salim were asked to give an interview to Faces Oman, a monthly lifestyle supplement to the Times of Oman.

In the interview, Thierry and Salim answer questions about online marketing and the current state of affairs in Oman, and give a sneak peek at Thierry’s new book (The Online Marketing Blueprint – How to Create an Online Strategy That Works For You – you can buy the Kindle edition here).

Hands-on and practical, the interview is an enlightening read for anyone who noticed the impact of the digital revolution on our lives.

Read the full article here by downloading the pdf:

Times Oman Centre Stage – The Infinite World of Online Marketing