Brand & Marketing Strategy

Becoming a strong brand does not happen overnight.
Brands only become strong and inspiring by having a clear mission and vision every step of the way.
Everything they do is in line with their image and strategy.
This way they acquire a relevant and sustainable market position.


Brand Positioning


How do people perceive your brand? Is this the image you want for your brand or not at all? Which factors are the biggest influence on this image? And what can you do to affect this? Positioning is the core of our brand. A relevant and clear market positioning is the ultimate goal and will affect everything that comes next.



How we help:

  • Conduct and validate market research
  • Brand positioning
  • Align communication & action plans between stakeholders

Marketing & Brand Strategy & Implementation

The marketing- and business environment is always evolving. Markets are changing due to hypes, tendencies and environmental circumstances. Customers create other expectations and become more and more critical. The competition is always evolving and finding more clever and new ways to reinvent themselves. New players enter the market every month. Media and tools are always evolving. And so should brands. Flexibility and knowledge is key.


How we help:

  • Prepare & execute marketing plans
  • Create & implement go-to-market strategies
  • Actively monitor KPIs & expected return on marketing investment (ROMI)


Some examples of possible job titles
marketing manager, marketing director, brand manager, product manager, NPD specialist and others

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