Category management & trade marketing

Retailers/brands really need to think through their image when developing an in-store strategy.

From products to in-store communication, everything should be in line with the foreseen image.


Category Management

Both the retailer and the supplier need to think through their offer. Is every product lucrative or does it contribute to the image of the brand/shop. Do consumers buy my products? Are there any that are abundant? Should we invest in specific promotions or actions? How should I manage my space?

To make these decisions, they need advanced knowledge of the retail landscape and data insights.


How we help:

  • Devise a category management strategy
  • Define a category development approach
  • Create a space management strategy
  • Manage business intelligence activities: Nielsen, GfK, Daltix, …

Trade marketing

B2b clients have other needs and requirements. First of all, because they are not the consumer, but are likely to either use your product or resell it. This kind of business demands a totally different approach, different materials and so on. It really is a trade at its own.




How we help:

  • Draft a shopper marketing strategy
  • Set up & execute the approach
  • Enhance the customer journey
  • Create & implement a brand activation plan
  • Ensure excellent execution


Some examples of possible job titles:

sales manager, field manager, national manager, key account manager, category manager,

trade marketeer, shopper marketeer and others.

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