Customer Management

More and more businesses are becoming aware that in order to be successful,

they need to place the customer at the center of every decision they make.

After all, you are designing your business for them.

Nowadays we have all the tools to keep track of every single touchpoint we have with our clients.


Customer journey & experience

In order to make your customers come back, their experience needs to be flawless. By mapping out their journey, you will find the appropriate moment to address and persuade them. You will also create a better understanding, and find ways to connect with them.


How we help:

  • Map touchpoints
  • Optimize UX
  • Manage omnichannel planning
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Calculate ROI



Customers have high expectations, and when you can deliver, it will pay off. By using a CRM system, you will manage to keep track of every interaction with your customers and you will be able to provide better on their exact needs. The CRM system helps you to get to know them, which, if used in a good way, will lead to higher conversion and greater customer satisfaction.


How we help:

  • Design & set up a CRM system
  • Create a one-on-one communication strategy
  • Map conversion and open ratio metrics

Loyalty management

Having loyal customers becomes more and more difficult. It really is a sign of the time. Customers put their faith in multiple brands and aren’t afraid of trying something new. So how do you manage to keep them coming back? How do you increase your share of wallet?


How we help:

  • Devise a retention grid & segmentation model
  • Craft a loyalty strategy & planning
  • Manage ambassadors
  • Implement, analyze and adapt

Some examples of possible job titles:

Community manager, loyalty manager, customer engagement manager,

CRM manager, customer success manager and others.

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