Nowadays every shop needs to have an online component. A website is key.

But what if you want to launch an e-commerce? Start with the question: do I really need it, is my business case positive?

A lot of aspects need to be taken into account and you really have to think this decision through.

You also need to figure out an e-commerce strategy to make sure your online shop will pay off.


E-commerce is the new retail. With the main difference that it’s always-on and everywhere. Of course, this complicates things on many different levels. Warehousing, invoicing and logistics are not the littlest concerns. How to manage all this? We can help you!


How we help:

  • Set up your webshop and system architecture
  • Integrate internal platforms & systems
  • Craft an inbound marketing strategy (lead generation & conversion planning)

Customer journey & experience

In order to make your online business a real hit, you first need to know how and when to get the right audience to your e-commerce website. By mapping out customer journeys, you can identify the moment you will need to reach out to potential buyers and what can attract them.

Secondly, the experience on your e-commerce website needs to be flawless. The sceptic visitors of nowadays will question your product, if your website is not good. The quality of the website will effect the perception of the product.


How we help:

  • Map touchpoints
  • Optimize UX
  • Manage omnichannel planning
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Calculate ROI


Some examples of possible job titles:

e-commerce manager, ux-researcher, ui-designer, ux-designer, qualitative researcher,

digital expert, digital marketeer, online sales manager and others.

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