Marketing Communication

For marketing communication to be effective, brands need to understand their audience and what moves them.

On top, communication becomes more and more personal each day.

Customer expectations are evolving and more and more types of communication should be taken into account.


Content creation & management

Relevant content nowadays is one of the smarter ways to lure in new customers. With content pieces, you can explain your product or expertise. It makes your brand more trustworthy. While advertising is skipped or ignored, customers can go looking for added-value content. First, you need to understand your customers’ questions and desires.


  • Data analysis
  • Content creation
  • Content planning per persona and medium


Omnichannel communication

The customer expects you to be present everywhere and always. Brands can no longer afford to only advertise on tv for example. Furthermore, the different channels should reinforce each other and create added value since the customer journey goes beyond channels.

  • Communication planning and budgeting
  • Agency selection (media,creation, digital, PR, …)
  • ROI on communication investments

Digital Communication

More and more digital channels are popping up. And others are constantly evolving and becoming ever more important. Digital communication really requires skills at its own. An important component for this kind of communication is that it is backed up by data.

  • Direct mailing campaigns
  • Social media
  • Design & optimization of websites
  • Marketing automation
  • Conversation management


Brand and Field activation

To increase brand- and product awareness, sometimes the best decision is to go where the client really is. In-store or on the streets, customers can be anywhere. And actions can be planned accordingly. By handing out products, showcasing your brand or creating promotions, people get in touch with you and will remember you better.

  • In-store promotions
  • Events
  • Sponsoring
  • Roadshows


Some examples of possible job titles: 

Chief Marketing Officer, marketing specialist, digital marketeer,

marketing manager, communication manager and others.

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