Creative brand communication in times of crisis

In times of crisis we are confronted with bad news and discomforting messages everywhere we look or listen. But fortunately, people all around the world are finding new ways to still spark some joy in this extraordinary difficult period. And so do brands. While some might have been a little hesitative in the beginning, we’re noticing a lot of creativity now. Now more than ever, is the time for brands to show their real colors. Here are some of our favorites.

Devos Lemmens wrote a letter to all Belgians

The Belgian sauce brand wrote a letter to all Belgians and published it in newspapers and on social media. Perfectly in line with their distinct tone of voice the brand succeeds in bringing a serious but positive message of courage.

Devos Lemmens writes a letter to all Belgians and Coolblue add just the right amount of humor

With just enough of humor, and Coolblue conveniently use situations that are now very familiar to all of us to advertise their products. and coolblue keep adding humor to their ads even started a digital book club where Dutch actors and artists read stories to children every day. What a great example of relevant content. start digital book reading club


Suitsupply keeps your top half in shape

Still want to look good during your video call meetings? Suitsupply has got you covered… at least partially.

Suitsuppy has your top half covered


De Lijn drivers are there for those who need them

It doesn’t always have to come from the brand itself. Maybe the message is even more powerful if it comes from the employees! They made sure everyone knows they can count on them, if they really need to go somewhere.

De Lijn drivers record video


#samenerdoor by Telenet

Telenet’s #samenerdoor campaign is a great example of content where employees take center stage. Every day one of their co workers makes a home video containing a useful tip to get through this period of isolation.

Telenet employees give daily isolation tips


Stay Home of the Whopper

The fast food chain was of course obliged to close their restaurants when the lockdown started. So they decided to change their signage to literally show the importance of staying home.

Burger King tells people to stay home by changing their signage

On top of that, Burger King shows people how to make a ‘Quarantaine Whopper’ at home while waiting for the original one.

Burger King shows ingredients for a quarantaine whopper


BMW helps us wash our hands

In a 20 second video BMW reminds us of the importance of hand hygiene. A timer helps you keep track of how long you should wash your hands while watching awesome footage of their newest products.

BMW video helps washing our hands


Written by Gilles Van Lysebeth – Junior Consultant at BrainTower

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